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The Team

Coach Nate | Trainer


Shawna Olsen | Trainer

The girl you thought you could bring home to moms… until you heard her playlist.


Michael Kong | Trainer

Don’t blow your load too early, we got a long road ahead of us. Get to work.


Giulia Halkier | Trainer


Bridge Hudson | Trainer


Cassandra Hesse | Trainer


Elle Herman | Trainer


Aaron Morton | Trainer

Socially awkward in the streets, but a freak with his beats.


Ylenia D’Amice | General Manager


The Club

You have never done this class before. This class is the 80s hip hop of studio fitness, disrupting what you thought a fitness class could be. A  rowing workout meets a sweaty dance party at an underground club. Each class and trainer has a unique rhythm, style and vibe. As much as this workout will leave your jaw on the floor it’s the trainers that will keep you up at night.

Club Row is located in the heart of Chinatown, Vancouver, BC.

Row With Us

In The Studio

On The Streets