The Club 

You have never done this class before. This class is the 80s hip hop of studio fitness, disrupting what you thought a fitness class could be with the newest new shit. A rowing workout meets a sweaty dance party at an underground club. Each class and trainer has a unique rhythm, style and vibe. As much as this workout will leave your jaw on the floor it’s the trainers that will keep you up at night.



Don’t worry if you’ve never rowed before. The Club Row class teaches the rowing movement through demonstrations and drills before the class begins. We insist that you row the right way and with proper form. We want you to learn the correct methods so that you can row better at Club Row or on your own. 

Full Body

Work your upper body, lower body and core with every stroke. Rowing is a functional movement that works the entire body at once. The Club Row class combines power and strength movements with cardio and metabolic structure. Hello lean muscle!


Low Impact

Our rowing stroke is low impact and form-centric to reduce the risk of injury. A smooth rowing stroke eliminates the force other cardio exercises put on your joints. We vary the length of our slide to your fitness level so you will never be pushed harder than your abilities.


Our rowing machines are arranged in a way that we feed off each others energy and become a crew. It’s a fun and safe team environment that takes you from being just people in a class to a crew.